eScrip and Albertson's
Dear Scouters & Parents,

Many of you have not signed up for either eScrip or Albertson’s to raise money for your son’s Scout account.

The forms are in the notebooks passed out at the parents meeting, but just in case you missed it, you can register your Vons/Pavilion’s and/or Albertson’s cards to earn $$$$ for your son’s Scout account. He can then purchase gear, uniforms, and activities with his Scout Account funds.

eScrip pays the Von’s contributions to the Troop approximately 90-120 days after the close of the month (i.e. Sept/09 paid in Feb/10). The Credit Card purchases are accumulated and paid after the end of the calendar year.

Albertson’s pays 4 times per year, a month after the end of their fiscal quarter.

If you haven’t signed up I just want to make sure you know the opportunity is there. You can also have your friends and family sign up their cards too, but make sure I know their name and that those funds go to your Scout. To earn the highest percentage for your Scout it is best to use only one card number for all purchases. Usually you can just have everyone in your family or group of friends use your phone number instead of their own cards.

See the attached form for easy instructions and the Troop’s account I.D.’s that you will need when you go on-line to sign up.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

Sheila D
BSA Troop 642

eScrip and Albertson's

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