Trek Leader and Advisor Duties

The link below provides details on the Trek Leader's responsibilities. The Trek Advisor, the adult counterpart to the Trek Leader, is responsible for

  • Supporting the boy leader's activities and helping the Trek Leader stay on track
  • Requesting the Tour Permit (either through the Troop
  • Coordinating reservations and transportation as needed
  • Collecting and disbursing funds to pay for the Trek's costs
  • Coordinating materials and supplies needed for the Trek (e.g., for Camporee, the spars and ropes required for building camp gadgets)
  • Completing the trip report (found on the Forms page) and sending it online to the Troop recordkeeper, Scoutmaster, and Committee Chair
  • Delegating parts of their function to Committee members or other adults, including arranging travel, managing funds, planing adult meals, etc.

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